Self Defense 
for women




  • Strengthen your Self Esteem

  • Build Confidence

  • Take Control of Your Personal Power


The Reality 

South Dakota has the second-highest rate in the nation of forcible rapes per capita (100,000)

46% of victims in South Dakota are under 18.

For every

1000 assaults

only 25 of those perpetrators will serve  jail time.

1 in 6 Women will experience Sexual Assault.

Your worth is EXPENSIVE Mama ...
Protect it.


Self Defense starts with having the confidence that you are worth defending! 

Join a community of Women who believe YOU ARE worth it.

The techniques you will learn in class, work!

They have been proven and designed to protect smaller people from a larger, stronger attacker. 

Become Empowered learning how to defend yourself against the most common situations Women encounter.

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